Ty’s ROADSIDE Coastal Kitchen is now open

Ty’s ROADSIDE Coastal Kitchen is now open for indoor and outdoor dining, plus takeout!  

I totally enjoyed their meatball and roasted vegetable apps, and their unique thin-crust pizzas are AWESOME!!

Open Tues-Sun at 4pm.  Come as you are and enjoy some delicious food, cold drinks, and great atmosphere! Located at 713 Coleman Blvd.  Visit Tysroadside.com for menu options, and Ty says “We look forward to cooking for the neighborhood!” 

Visit Tysroadhouse.com for their menu and more!

A Note From Jackie!

Obviously 2020 was a crazy year and my business was on fire. I was able to finish the year in the top 5% of all agents in the Lowcountry! 

The 2021 market is moving at warp speed and although it’s super competitive, I have been fortunate enough to help some really great people move into and around the neighborhood!  One thing is for certain, we are very lucky to live in such a special place! 

I wanted to say thanks to my clients and friends who have supported me over these many years.  Your kindness, referrals, and pep talks are super appreciated!  Sending positive vibes to you all for a great 2021! 

The New York Butcher Shoppe!

I’m loving the New York Butcher Shoppe!  In addition to high-quality products, their team of passionate, friendly staff makes this a truly different shopping experience.  I sat down with Store Manager, Tyler Crull to learn more about what makes this place so special!  Here is what I learned! 

“Our goal is to be a pillar in this community and we have been working harder than ever as we celebrate our 21st year!  We love what we do, and I am happy to talk about what makes us different!   


Every cut of meat we sell is the highest premium quality!  Our Certified Angus Beefcomes from a network of small farms, which means the meat stands up to a dozen standards above and beyond the USDA.  This includes humane treatment of cattle, sustainability of the farm plus the quality of the meat’s marbling and tenderness.  We carry Dry-aged, Wagyu, Prime and High Choice grade beef which is hand trimmed and cut to order.   Our chicken is organic, our seafood is wild-caught, and our pork is a heritage breed called Berkshire- the juiciest chops ever!  We offer a variety of veal, duck, lamb and more.  Have a special request?  We can find it for you!  


We make things easy on you by providing fully cooked/ take-and-bake prepared foods in a variety of sizes–designed for two people up to family and party sized portions.  We offer entrees (i.e., lasagna, ravioli, meatballs), side-dishes (i.e., twice baked potatoes, tomato pie, roasted vegetables), salads (i.e. Caesar, Greek), dips (i.e., buffalo chicken, pimento cheese, pate), stews, soups, desserts and more.  Oh, did I mention NY Style Cheesecake by the slice?  Please call ahead if you have a special request or diet need; we want to cater to everyone when possible!  


We offer a wide selection of lovely wine, something for everyone!  And because we have a specialty wine license, we can offer the best price in town!  There… I said it! If you find it cheaper, I will honor the lower price!  Joining the wine club entitles you to 2 bottles of wine per month plus an additional 10% off wine in the store.  Prior to COVID, we were offering monthly dinners in our back parking lot to our Wine Club Members!  It was a blast, and we cannot wait to start them up again!  These monthly themed events included a 4-dish meal paired with wine.  Block party style and tons of fun!  With everything from smoked hog/ pig picking for Super Bowl week, to traditional filet meal for Valentine’s Day.  Hosting a community event with exceptional food and wine to celebrate being part of this special community means the world to me!  Rest assured, we will be starting back up as soon as it is appropriate to do so!”  –Tyler Visit NYButcher.net or stop in at  1260 Ben Sawyer Blvd. 

Tracking OV/ Old Mt. P Home Prices Over 20 Years

With an appreciation rate of almost 5% per year, our neighborhood is tracking ahead of the national standard.  According to Black Knights latest report, they have cited a national appreciation rate of 3.8% per year. This is great news for the OV/ Old Mt. P! 

The average home sale price was $477,000 in 2000 compared to $1,180,000 in 2020. 

I have been specializing my business in this neighborhood for years, so if I can help you better understand today’s market, feel free to contact me at Jackie@TheCassinaGroup.com  

*Statistics provided by the Charleston Multiple Listing Service and reflect single family homes sold in The Old Village and Old Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood as of Feb 18, 2021.

My Recent Neighborhood Sales!

So happy to have helped the buyers and sellers of these fabulous homes!!

Obviously 2020 was a crazy year and my business was on fire. I was able to finish the year in the top 5% of all agents in the Lowcountry! 

The 2021 market is moving at warp speed and although it’s super competitive, I have been fortunate enough to help some really great people move into and around the neighborhood!  One thing is for certain, we are very lucky to live in such a special place! 

I wanted to say thanks to my clients and friends who have supported me over these many years.  Your kindness, referrals, and pep talks are super appreciated!  Sending positive vibes to you all for a great 2021! 

WSJ Report: 2005 Housing Boom vs Today’s Market

Interesting article from The WSJ…

WSJ Report Contrasts 2 Housing Booms, Industry Broker Looks Back Then and Now

Article Examines the 2005 Housing Boom Versus Market Dynamics That Have Emerged From the 2020 Pandemic

Wall Street Journal report contrasting the 2005 housing boom with the record-breaking market that has emerged out of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, made front-page news of its print publication this week, quoting industry broker Anthony Lamacchia, who talked about the vast differences between the market dynamics 15 years ago that led to the housing crisis and those of today, where buyers are in a much healthier place, financially.

In the WSJ article, Lamacchia, broker/owner of Boston-area-based Lamacchia Realty, recalls that not long after he entered the industry in 2004, homebuyers began trading up to bigger and more expensive homes, often with a low or no down payment. After the market collapsed, Lamacchia was helping those same buyers to dump their homes in 2009, according to the article.

Now, he says, the market is dynamically different. Housing demand in the Boston suburbs is stronger than he has ever seen, buyers have better credit scores and more money to put down on a home than in years past, he explained to the WSJ.

“On $1 million purchases, people are putting down $500,000,” he told the Journal. “You didn’t see that before.”

He expanded on that in a follow-up interview with RISMedia.

“We are seeing rapid price gains, particularly in single-family homes, and I expect to see them being even more substantial this year,” he says, adding, “[Buyers’] debt-to-income ratios are much lower and buyer demand is significant.”

The challenge of course is inventory. Lamacchia’s company, which reached $1 billion in sales last year for the first time, covers markets in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and in Southern Florida, and, he says, he’s seeing these same trends in all these locations, especially with demand for single-family homes.

“We are seeing the lowest inventory that we have ever seen before,” he says. “Inventory of single-family homes is down 60% from where it was last winter prior to the pandemic, and it was low then.”

Condo sales across markets are starting to recover as well, he says. “Whereas last year, when the pandemic first started, in the first six months people were somewhat avoiding condos and running to single families. We do think this will help even out the market.”

As a result of the change for many to working from home because of the virus, he sees that trend of buyers wanting homes in suburban locations with access to more recreational activities continuing, at least for the next two years.

“I’m seeing a similarity with New Hampshire up in ski country in the Lakes Region and South Florida,” he says. “People either want the slopes or they want the shores, and we saw a race to those areas last year after the pandemic started.  We saw it let up a bit after the holidays when COVID-19 had a second wave, and we are seeing that happen all over again right now, particularly in Florida.”

As for the long-term outlook, he added, “There is no way that buyer demand could go down enough, and supply go up enough to tip the market into any sort of housing slump, at least in the next 24 months,” he says. “It’s hard to see beyond that.”

To read the Wall Street Journal’s piece interviewing Lamacchia and other industry perspectives from Zillow, Redfin, NAR, The Urban Institute and more, click here. The article also examines the upswing in the lending and new home construction sectors as well. Note: To read the full article requires a subscription.

Beth McGuire is RISMedia’s online managing editor. Email her your real estate news ideas at beth@rismedia.com.

Market Trends for 2021


I am basing these predictions on what I see every day in this business.  As most of these new trends locked into place towards the middle of 2020, it is probable they will remain in 2021.   

LOW INVENTORY:  Inventory data shows 71% fewer homes for sale over the last 12-month period.  This is a new record low!  This means buyers need to put their best foot forward, as it is common to compete with multiple offers.  Successful buyers are pre-qualified and educated on market value.  They are teamed up with a licensed REALTOR® and ready to pounce!

PRICES ARE STILL ON THE RISE:  With low inventory and high buyer demand, prices are still on the rise making this a strong market for sellers.

INTEREST RATES ARE SUPER LOW:  With low rates, buyers are able to afford more house, a true advantage to buying in this market.

VIRTUAL SHOWINGS ARE A REAL THING:  Many homes are being purchased by buyers off of virtual videos and FaceTime calls.  For sellers, proper marketing is key in this market and although it is a good time to sell, it is not a good time to skimp on marketing.  This can make all of the difference for a quick turn-around from listing to going under contract.

IN SUMMARY:  The market is tough, and now more than ever, you will want your transaction managed by an experienced REALTOR®, who is trained to maneuver through multiple offers and works full-time.  Most importantly, you want someone who will abide by the  REALTOR® Code of Ethics, which requires protecting our client’s best interest at all times.  If I can assist, please contact                             Jackie@TheCassinaGroup.com.    

Meet Interior Designer Dara Rosenfeld!

As we are spending more time at home, I am often being asked if it is worth it to hire an interior designer.  My answer?  YES! 

For obvious reasons, investing in your home is always important!  Whether you are considering making changes to your living space, or buying a new home, teaming up with a trained professional is a great way to not only transform the way your home makes you ‘feel” but also “how you live!” 

Dara Rosenfeld has been helping her clients create functional, innovative and welcoming spaces for over twenty-five years. She provides comprehensive interior design and interior architecture services.  She will help implement your unique vision in a timeless and elegant style.   

Dara began her career at Christie’s New York where she was responsible for valuating interiors with distinguished histories. She went on to senior design positions at two AD 100 firms: Peter Marino in New York and The Wiseman Group in San Francisco. In 2007, Dara started her own firm Dara Rosenfeld Design.  Dara has designed city and vacation homes in Hawaii, France, England, Northern and Southern California, New York, Texas and now Charleston where she lives with her family and two toy fox terriers.

Feel free to check out her services and work by visiting her website at www.dararosenfelddesign.com or contact her at (415) 522-1616 or by email, dara@dararosenfelddesign.com

Market Activity Report- Charleston Trident Area

July 2020:

Strong buyer demand and low inventory equate to solid growth when compared to 2018.  And with such low inventory, buyer’s are experiencing a competitive market.

According to the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors: New Listings were up 17.6 percent to 2,562. Pending Sales increased 49.4 percent to 2,596. Inventory shrank 38.4 percent to 3,890 units.Prices moved higher as Median Sales Price was up 9.5 percent to $305,000. Days on Market decreased 1.9 percent to 51 days. Months Supply of Inventory was down 45.2 percent to 2.3 months, indicating that demand increased relative to supply.

Closed Sales were up (year to date) as of June 2020 close to 5% since 2018.

chas sales by mont

The average Days On Market is up in July of 2020 vs 2018, but not by much.  The average increased from 48 to 56, which is still relatively low.

days on mk

The key to selling at the highest price in the quickest time frame comes down to knowledge and experience.  If you are considering selling and would like a review of the market specific to your home, please let me know how I can help!

Please note:  Current as of August 7, 2020. All data from the Charleston Trident Multiple Listing Service. Report © 2020 ShowingTime. Data deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Consult your agent for market specifics.