FOR SALE: 210 Bennett Street, One Of My Favorite Old Village Homes!

Built in 1834, 210 Bennett Street is one of the oldest homes in all of Mount Pleasant. Meticulously maintained, located in the heart of the Old Village Historic District and within walking or biking distance to neighborhood parks, Shem Creek, the  Farmers Market and Pitt Street shops and restaurants. Sullivan’s Island and downtown Charleston are only minutes away adding to its appeal.   Click here to read more.  Listed by Jimmy Dye with The Cassina Group for $1,765,000.  Contact me for your appointment today!

Making Peace With Food Allergies

With the start of a new school year comes the question “Can we send a peanut butter sandwich for lunch?”  Seems like a simple question, but once it’s asked, I am reminded that parents in our community are struggling with this challenge daily.  So I am asking folks to take a step back and support our schools as they try their best to provide all students with a safe environment.

Ask yourself, does someone I know suffer from serious food allergies?  For me, it is my dearest friend, who is raising two children with a variety of allergies.  She is an   amazing woman, mom, wife and best friend.   And she knows way too much about this topic!  So I am super proud of her, as she has decided to educate and share what she has learned over the past 15 years.

If you, your family, friends, etc. have been diagnosed with food allergies and need support, check out her latest website, Making Peace With Food Allergies.  And for a true understanding of how you can support someone who is dealing with food allergies, read Stacey’s Blog for a lovely post filled with valuable insight.

I love that I have the opportunity to share this with my community, please feel free to pass it along to others and thanks for reading!


The Rosebrock Family, Making Peace With Food Allergies

My Chiropractor Cracks Me Up! Meet Dr. Matthew Murrin of Chiropractic USA

I adore my chiropractor!  I have been a patient of Dr. Matthew Murrin for years and he is great at what he does.  Not only has he helped me with my overall wellness, but he does it in such a way that you actually enjoy stopping by his office!

He is one “those” people… You know the type…. HAPPY…..JOYFUL…..POSITIVE… and totally ENTHUSIASTIC!  It shows and it’s contagious!   And did I mention that he is FUNNY?  He literally cracks me up every time I visit.

If you are looking for a great Chiropractor, give him a try. Click here to learn more about Chiropractic USA or here to learn more about Dr. Murrin.



Get Your Solar On! Introducing Solarize South Carolina

I was fortunate to chat with Jim Kubu, the Community Outreach Manager for Solarize South Carolina, Low-Country Region.  I found his program very interesting and thought I would pass along the info….

Solarize South Carolina is a community-driven program supported by SmartPower, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to help South Carolinians and all Americans make smart energy choices.  Our goal is to provide South Carolina residents and businesses with the knowledge to make an informed decision and the tools to go from contemplating solar to installing it.

Solarize SC is an award winning and proven solar program that is accelerating the growth of solar in many communities across the United States.  Solarize provides access to pre-screened solar installers as well as 0-down financing options through our partners at Dividend Solar to make it easy to go solar.

Our community rewards program will provide the town of Mount Pleasant with 5kw of Solar Power if we get 60 residents to GO SOLAR!

Visit or click here to find out if your home is good for solar.


Rapid Repairs’ Price List

I have used Rapid Repairs many times to help buyers and sellers with a variety of repairs.  Locally owned and operated, Rapid Repairs specializes in handyman services for carpentry, electrical and plumbing repairs. They are fully licensed, bonded, and insured with general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. 
Below is their pricing list, which is an awesome resource.  Be sure to check out their website and contact them for your home maintenance needs and for a printable version of this list, please visit their website by clicking here. 


843.573.HELP (4357)

Bathroom & Kitchen Repairs
  • Bathroom (removing old caulk is extra, see below) – $128.00
  • Along Bathtub / shower and floor only – $85.00
  • Kitchen (along counter-top and wall) – $85.00
  • Removing old Caulk, $4.00 ft minimum – ADD $91.00

Ceiling Repairs

  • Hole, up to 1 square foot: (replace sheet rock):
    • Textured Ceiling, includes texturing – $264.00
    • Each additional square foot – $9.00
    • Smooth ceiling without final sanding and painting – $236.00
    • Each additional square foot of one hole – $8.00
    • Each additional hole as described above – ADD $37.50
  • Water damage, textured ceiling (up to 24″ of taped seam, stable surface); without final sand and paint – $77.00
  • Water stain: prime & painting, matching color; close as possible up to 2 sq. feet – $147.00

Dead Bolts and Locks

Dead Bolts Repairs

  • Deadbolt, Align Keeper – $85.00

Deadbolt Replacement

  • Deadbolt (rekeying extra) – $104.00
  • Rekeying (per cylinder) – ADD $16.00

Dead Bolt Installation

  • Standard bore (rekeying extra) – $142.00
  • Surface Mount (rekeying extra) – $285.00

Lockset Replacement

  • Entry – $105.00
  • Rekeying (per cylinder) – ADD $16.00
  • Mortise entry – $214.00
  • Passage, bedroom, or bathroom – $93.00

Exterior & Interior Doors

Door Repairs

  • Exterior: Trim bottom or side,includes spot painting – $168.00
  • Exterior: Adjust Weatherstrip – $89.00
  • Interior: Trim Bottom or Side (no painting) – $112.00
  • Door Knob (tighten) – $87.00
  • Door drawer slide, realign – $85.00

Door Replacements

  • Exterior door only – on-site quote
  • Exterior pre-hung unit, includes installation fo lockset and deadbolt – $335.00
  • Interior Door Only, includes lockset – $152.00
  • Interior pre-hung split jamb unit, includes lockset – $202.00
  • Door threshold, aluminum – $147.00
  • Door threshold, wood – $172.00

Door Installations

  • Door Viewer – $92.00
  • Bifold Doors – $226.00
  • Safety chain on door – $91.00
  • Safety grab bar – $127.00
  • Towel bar or tissue holder – $95.00
  • Tub enclosure ($400-$1000+) – on-site quote only

Garage Doors

Garage Door Repairs

  • Off track – $119.00
  • Bottom Seal, replace – $127.00
  • Bottom Wood section, painting not included – $315.00
  • Expansion Spring Pair replacement – $196.00
  • Door drawer slide, realign – $85.00

Garage Door Replacements

  • Bottom Seal – $117.00
  • Jamb and brick mold replacements up to lower 15′ includes prime,caulk and paint
    • One side – $195.00
    • Two sides – $230.00

Glass Replacement

  • Window Panes
    • Up to 8′ above ground – $109.00
    • 9′ to 20′ above ground – $124.00
    • NOTE : insulated or safety glass – ADD $44.00

Mailbox, Flagpoles and Pet Doors

  • Mailbox Install / Replacement:
    • City – $97.00
    • Rural mailbox only, on post – $113.00
    • Rural: in-ground, mailbox and post – $205.00
  • Flagpole Installation (in ground up to 20′) – $ 219.00
  • Pet Doors, In door or wall – $95.00 to $235.00


Shutters, Pair

  • Exterior decorative (non working) 1st floor – $117.00
  • Exterior decorative (non working) 2nd floor – $136.00
  • Exterior decorative (working) 1st floor – $171.00
  • Exterior decorative (working) 2nd floor  – $219.00

Storm Doors

Storm Door Installation & Replacement

  • Aluminum pre-hung with pre-drilled latch – $142.00
  • Aluminum – $214.00
  • Adjustment of trim to install storm door ($18.50 – $95.00) – $315.00
  • Expansion Spring Pair replacement – $196.00
  • Door drawer slide, realign – $85.00



  • Foam Stick-on (not recommended) – $93.00
  • Nail-on (jamb-up) – $110.00
  • Spring bronze – $145.00
  • Sweep – $89.00
  • Veined Tubular $8.00 per square ft. minimum – $154.00
  • Safety chain on door – $91.00
  • Safety grab bar – $127.00

Spooky Graveyards And More!

Want to really check out Charleston?
Look no further than Bulldog Tours. This tour company offers some of the best history, culinary, and ghost tours in town.
From our enchanting graveyards and cobblestone streets to our gorgeous gardens and antebellum mansions, Bulldog Walking Tours allows you to experience all the charm Charleston has to offer!
AJ01XC Battery Street Waterfront Charleston South Carolina

AJ01XC Battery Street Waterfront Charleston South Carolina

Shrimp And Grits! My Charleston Love!

While selling homes, I am typically asked “What do you like most about Charleston?”  The answer is easy….Shrimp and Grits!   And while many folks have their own twist on this classic, this recipe is an oldie but a goodie!  I had to share…..