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So here’s my story… While attending Radford University in VA, I decided to come to Charleston for Spring Break… Needless to say it was a seriously GOOD TIME, because I would go on to walk across that stage, grab my diploma, get in my car and head to Charleston.  I never looked back, see ya later Northern Virginia, I am movin on… AND THAT WAS OVER 22 YEARS AGO!  Charleston kind of sucks you in that way, agreed?  So now I am happy to report I have found my place in life…. I am a full time mom, wife, and Realtor!  An Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant resident since the early 90’s, and just pretty much HAPPY TO BE HERE!  So take a moment to relax and enjoy my blog, learn and share about what makes life in the Low Country so special!  It is with true passion I share my journey with you!  Thanks for stopping by!!!


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