Introducing The New Fitness Area To Be Built At The Waterfront Memorial Park!

As an avid runner/ walker of the bridge, I noticed folks are taking their circuit training on the road… literally! People are stopping and laying down in the middle of the both the running/ walking lane to do a few stomach crunches, push ups and/or stretching.  True, most people wait until they get to the top of the bridge where there is more space, however, this area gets congested as well.  So when I was whining about it to my 9 year old son, he said “Why don’t you just do something about it, mom?”  (hmm… don’t you hate it when your kids throw your own words back at you).  So from there I was on a mission!

I started with an artist’s sketch of a padded area, large enough for folks to lay down and stretch, then I added in a few simple pull-up bars, sit up benches, etc.  I created a budget and  was off to pitch the idea to Town Council!  To my complete surprise, they were not only on board with the idea, but voted unanimously to fund the project and start construction early this Spring!  Needless to say, I was thrilled!  This will be such a wonderful addition to our already fabulous Memorial Waterfront Park!  It will be located in a shady area at the foot of the bridge. I am really appreciative to our Town and imagine my pride when I announced to my son that he was right, you can do something about it!  Whoo Hoo!


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