Three Books That Feature The Old Village!

*Our neighbor Mary Gordon Kerr bring us the fantasy/adventure novels, “The Mystery of the 13th Coin” and “What Lies Beneath the Whirlpool of Time” (available at Barnes & Nobel & East Cooper Sporting Goods). In both cases, the author teamed up with two different 2nd grade MPA classes and involved the students in a chapter by chapter development of the story– a truly interactive project which resulted in two enchanting and mysterious adventures rooted right here in the Old Village!

*Local photographer, Dixie Fanning has teamed up with the Alhambra Garden Club to create a beautiful 40 page pictorial booklet of the Old Village.  All proceeds will go towards maintenance of the Patjens Post Office!  The book is just delightful, a MUST HAVE for all of who live here!   Stop by the Pitt Street Pharmacy, Royall Hardware or to get your copy!


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