What Do You Really Know About Pitt Street Pharmacy?

As a Resident and mom, I have to just say how much I love Pitt Street Pharmacy!  My 10-year-old is starting the whole “Mom can I ride my bike to Pitt St Pharm” thing, and I have to smile.  I love to live in a neighborhood where there is a place for kids to pop in, feel safe, grab a grilled cheese, and bring me a candy bar!  For years, Kim Richardson has allowed us all to share in on the fun by offering his ever popular “free scoop of ice cream” coupon in the Village Connection.  Just another little touch of genuine neighborly kindness.  I am touched by this place, especially the folks who work there, who go out of their way to make you feel at home and more importantly, gives us a moment to slow down and take a step back in time!  Things are simple here, easy, and this special place most certainly exemplifies the true charm of The Old Village and Old Mt. Pleasant!  Here are some facts you may not know!

**Alton Brown from “Good Eats” (a Food Network Show) stopped by the old-fashioned soda fountain to enjoy an egg salad sandwich and a chocolate malted milk shake! 

**Long Time OV Resident, Miss Bosie Carter has been coming to the Pharmacy for over 50 years to order her favorite sandwich…. which is now named after her… so next time you are there, you gatta give it a try…. The Bosie Tuna Salad is a must!  🙂

**The Pharmacy recently added Mel Rauton, a Full Time Pharmacist to the staff!  Welcome Mel! 

**The Pharmacy has been a staple in our community since 1938! 

**The soda fountain features ice cream, milk shakes, plus you can enjoy delicious sandwiches the grilled cheese is possible but don’t forget about  Linda’s Club, and you can chase your Pimento Cheese with an old-fashioned Cherry Coke!   A big two thumbs up!   

**Miss Della has been working at the Pharmacy for over 50 years!

**Pitt St Pharm still specializes in COMPOUNDING, which allows them to formulate any unusual or commercially unavailable prescription that your physician, dentist, or even your pet’s vet may prescribe.

**In special cases, the Pharmacy will still make home deliveries! 

**You can now follow Pitt St. Pharm on Facebook! Follow Pitt Street Pharm on Facebook! 

Located in the heart of the Old Village of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.
111 Pitt Street
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Pitt Street Pharmacy Website


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