Meet Sidney Wagner- Interior Designer Extraordinaire

I am showing homes all day every day…so, you would think I could easily steel design tips as I go along….but no… for some reason when it comes to home decor… I JUST CAN’T DO IT!   So after years of sending my clients to  Sidney Wagner, MY GO TO DECORATING GAL, I was thrilled when Sidney helped me with some great ideas and inspirations for my own home!   So if you are in need of a complete home re-do or just want to add some PIZZAZZ (as my 10 year old says) I recommend you contact Sidney at  You will love how easy she is to work with as she transforms your home into livable space that looks and feels great!  Check out Sidney’s BLOG, this is a great way to watch new trends, plus it is just fun to read!  Not to mention that Sidney lives right here in the Old Village, Old Mt. Pleasant neigbhorhood as well! 


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