Sales in the OV/ Old Mt. P Are UP!!!

The Stats are in for the first half of the year  and they show a clear picture… SALES IN THE OLD VILLAGE/ OLD MT PLEASANT ARE UP, PRICES ARE UP AS WELL AS PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT!  I compared sales in our neighborhood for the FIRST HALF of the year for the past 3 years and here is what I found… GOOD STUFF! 

1. NUMBER OF HOMES SOLD are up!  In Jan 1- June 30, there were 49 HOMES SOLD IN 2012, up from 30 sold in 2011 and 27 in 2010.   2.  AVERAGE SALES PRICE was approximately $550,000 in 2012, up from $450,000 in 2011 and $410,000 in 2010.  3.  DAYS ON MARKET are up, not a great thing but good to know, approximately 160 days in 2012 vs 130 in 2011 and 105 in 2010.  4.  PRICE PER SQ FOOT IS UP from approximately $240/ sq foot in 2012, $200/ sq foot in 2011 and $210/ sq foot in 2010. 

Please know that I work with clients all of the time to better understand today’s market… All real estate trends should be reviewed on a “local” bases, down to your neighborhood, and teaming up with a professional who understands your market it a vital component to success.  If I can help you, please contact me!  All information is provided by Charleston MLS.


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