2012 Sales in Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant Almost DOUBLED…Prices Are UP As Well!

Ave Sales PriceOld Village Homes Sold (2)
SALES in the Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood went up significantly this year over last year! A total of 99 homes closed in 2012, compared to only 61 sales in 2011. AVERAGE SALES PRICE increased as well, going from approximately $460,000 in 2011 to $558,000 2012. The 2012 Average PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT was $245 vs. $200 in 2011, even more good news! DAYS ON MARKET remained consistent, averaging 118 days in 2012 and 113 in 2011.

On a personal note, 2012 was my BEST YEAR EVER, closing more deals than any year since becoming licensed in 2000. The best part was that I had a lot of happy buyers and happy sellers! A personal best for my business and a great feeling! If I can help you better understand the market or help you determine what it would take to buy or sell right now, please contact me today, I am happy to help!


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