A delightful testimonial from my new neighbors! Welcome to the OV/ Old Mt. P!

Jackie Kelly is wonderful. She has been with us every step of the way for the past 6 months as we looked for houses. Her knowledge of house prices is very accurate, especially in the case of the homes in Old Mount Pleasant. Jackie guided us in making our offer, so that it was competitive while still low enough that we got the house for less than what it was valued for. Once our offer was accepted, she helped us by scheduling a contractor to meet with us at the home inspection, so we could provide a itemized estimate from a licensed contractor to negotiate for repairs. Jackie was in constant communication with ourselves, our lender, the selling agent, and all other parties involved in closing on the house. Jackie even negotiated us a professional cleaning of the house at the closing because she was dissatisfied with the way the seller had left it.

I whole heartedly recommend that you use Jackie Kelly as a realtor in your housing search!

Lawrence Baldwin and Cheri Tenney


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