Recycling Update for the Old Village!

Dear Residents of the Old Village,

The Department of Environmental Management is expanding Charleston County’s successful Single Stream Recycling Program.Congratulations! Your neighborhood of the Old Village has been chosen to be included in this expansion phase. With single stream recycling, instead of separating recyclables by type, residents are asked to combine all glass, metal, paper, cardboard, and plastics into one wheeled roll cart. This “All-In-One” method of recycling makes it easier for residents to recycle and allows residents to simply roll the cart to the curb versus carrying multiple bins to the curb. All materials presently collected will remain the same but your pick up date will change to every other Thursday with the first new recycling pickup day being on Thursday, June 27th.

This new method of recycling will allow homeowners an easier, cleaner, and more simplified way to recycle in Charleston County. Charleston County will deliver the new roll carts to each home and nothing will be required of residents, other than placing all material in the one roll cart and rolling the cart to the curb on their normal collection day.The carts are anticipated to be delivered during the week of June 17th.All associated educational material for the new program will be delivered simultaneously with the roll carts.

Charleston County looks forward to working with your neighborhood to increase recycling participation and divert additional recyclable tonnage from disposal. If your HOA organization would be interested in a presentation on the new recycling program at your next meeting, please contact me at If you have any questions and need additional support, please contact Customer Service at843-720-7111.


Kathy Kowalchick

Community Representative

Charleston County Environmental Management

13 Romney Street, Charleston, SC 29403  |  Website

Direct(843) 720-1967  |  Fax (843) 720-7115

Recycling Center Main Line(843) 720-7111


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