We Love Shem Creek!

Shem Creek has always been a local favorite, and for good reason! Here, you can float up on  your boat, Paddle board, boogie board, dog, whatever-gets-you-on-the-water, and dock alongside your choice of several great restaurants. Locals and tourist alike can all be found here post beach, enjoying the fiery sunsets over the Creak, enjoying a cool drink and some low country boil. Despite all the boat traffic, Shem Creek is also a great place to look for dolphins! They are known to show off for the crowds here. Consider yourself especially lucky if you can spot a Manatee! If the thought of peeling your own shrimp doesn’t scare you off, be sure and keep an eye for the shrimp boats heading back to the docks. There are several all local seafood markets along the creek, selling the freshest shrimp possible- right off the boat. They can be tricky to find, but just follow your nose to the source of one our best local delicacies. img_19032.jpg


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