Pitt Street Fitness

Yes, yes, yes, I thank you Pitt Street Fitness for getting me back in the game! After some time off, I have decided to give my work out a fresh start by joining Pitt Street Fitness! Small, yet quaint, there are many things to love about this place! The facility has any piece of equipment you may need and is open 24 hours. Locally owned and operated, Robert Short is on hand to get you started and ready to roll. If you do not know Robert, well let me just say that he is a pretty big guy, so when he puts you on a schedule (and it is not easy) you just do as you are told! 🙂 Centrally located in the heart of the Old Village, Pitt St. Fitness is the perfect spot to get away from it all and enjoy a good work out.

Pitt street Fitness is cool. Check out their Facebook page here

Pitt street fitness

Pitt street fitness Logo


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