Old Village Market Stats… 3rd Quarter Indicates A Stable Market

Average Price 9.24.13 Homes Sold 9.24.2013

2013 started off with a huge bang!  Real estate sales were up all over the Lowcountry and this was especially true in the Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant.  To review the 3rd QUARTER stats in the Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant, 13 homes sold in 2011, doubling to 25 homes sold in 2012 and as of today (9/26, so we have a few more days to go) there has already been 33 homes sold.   Looks good!  Plus, the average SALES PRICE is up as well, from $557,000 in 2011 to $567,000 in 2012 and $610,000 this year.  It feels like we have reached a stable market and conditions, in general, seem to be trending in the right direction.


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