The Huffington Post….25 Reasons You Must Visit Charleston, SC Immediately

There’s a reason Charleston has been voted America’s Best City three times over: the grits are spicy, the weather is warm, and the people are oh-so charming. This ain’t a resort town either, ya’ll– the city’s got a history as rich as a biscuit covered in gravy.

After the summer crowds ebb, late fall is Charleston’s prime time. Craving some southern comfort before winter sets in? Here are 25 things worth the rush down to “Chucktown.”


1. Seventy-six degree weather in November

2. Long cobblestone streets

3. The peanut butter burger at Poe’s Tavern

4. College of Charleston basketball games college of charleston basketball

5. The Movember Celebration Finale, a small-town festival where your mustache could win the “Most Like Tom Selleck” award

6. A Sunday bike ride on Ravenel Bridge
ravenel bridge

7. The newly revamped dance floor at Prohibition bar

Click here to read more, see great pictures, and learn more tips on what to do and see in Charleston, SC!


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