Meet Lee Brown, Owner of Pelican Painting & Contracting and OV Resident!

“Summer Painting Tips to Paint Like a Pro”

By Lee Brown, Owner Pelican Painting & Contracting, Mt Pleasant
Phone: (843) 819-7546 E-Mail:

Summer is a great time to update the inside or outside of your home. The best way to do it is with a fresh coat of paint. These painting tips will help you get started:
1. Consider the location of your home. Homes in the Old Village are subject to a higher content of salt than with inland structures. Due to the ocean air your painter may recommend a latex paint. Latex paint is more flexible than oil based paint. This is important for wood homes. Wood breathes as it expands and contracts in the hot weather. A flexible paint will react well to contraction and expansion.
• Invest in high quality products. High quality paint is more expensive than standard paint, but it better withstands the conditions that coastal homes are subject to.
• Preparation is key. Without properly preparing the surface, paint has a slim chance of standing the test of time. If you have peeling paint, you must scrape, sand, and remove it entirely.
• Check for any signs of wood damage. If you have peeling paint, make sure to check the wood boards carefully and check for signs of warping. It is critical to remove any rotting or damaged board before painting.

Lee Brown, owner of Pelican Painting & Contracting is a native of Mt Pleasant, SC and grew up in the Old Village. He has over 30 years’ experience in residential and commercial painting. For painting tips or a free consultation, contact Lee at 843-819-7546 or
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