OV Neighbors, along with Pet Helpers/Unchain Charleston are building a fence to help dogs in our community

Recently one of our community members noticed a few sweet dogs chained to a tree at a residence in our community.  She set off on a path to make a change and was able to find a program through Pet Helpers called “Unchain Charleston.”  Together, along with local donations to the organization, a new fence is being built so the dogs can roam free! 
PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY JOINING US TOMORROW, FRIDAY, AUG 29TH, FROM 5-7PM AT ALHAMBRA HALL.  We will be collecting money for fence materials. Please bring your dogs to play and support this worthy cause!  Pet Helpers will be on hand and you never know, they may just have a special dog for adoption!!
About Unchain Charleston…. Final%20Logo%20Unchain%20Charleston[1]
In 2012, Pet Helpers launched Unchain Charleston. This animal welfare initiative is dedicated to spreading awareness about the plight of chained dogs and constructing fences for chained dogs in the Lowcountry, at no cost to their owners. By providing an alternative to chaining, Unchain Charleston enhances the quality of life for the dogs and keeps them out of the shelter system.

Unchain Charleston builds fences for dogs that spend most or all of their time chained outside or in a small kennel. Candidates are selected to receive a free fence if the program coordinator determines that doing so will greatly impact the dog’s quality of life. The majority of clients are from under served communities, although there are no financial eligibility requirements. The need for the fence is determined by the situation and circumstances surrounding the chained dog(s).

Unchain Charleston is supported by generous donors and volunteers who provide the resources that enable us to do this work. Pet Helpers provides the materials to construct one fence per month, thanks to a discount we receive from the Lowe’s Home Improvement store on James Island. The labor is provided by our dedicated volunteers. Through donations and sponsorships, we hope to increase the number of builds for a greater impact on the welfare of chained dogs in our community.

In alignment with the Pet Helpers mission, the only requirements for Unchain Charleston recipients are that the dog(s) are spayed or neutered and vaccinated. Pet Helpers covers the cost of the dog’s spay or neuter surgery, vaccines, and flea and heartworm prevention for up to one year. We provide a dog house if there isn’t adequate shelter, as well as food and water bowls, and a tarp for shade (if needed). Candidates may also receive free food for their dog(s) through our Community Food Bank program. We encourage dog owners or friends to recommend candidates for the Unchain Charleston project by contacting Pet Helpers.

We need your help to change the lives of chained dogs in Charleston! Please donate today to help fund the next two builds!

Learn more about Unchain Charleston and Pet Helpers by clicking here.


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