I love a Parade!

The Mt. Pleasant Christmas Parade is so much fun and I am awarding it the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR to be a resident of the Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant!  (Well, it is a close tie with Halloween, but that is a post for another day).

I love to see local business owners come out in full force and each year the floats get better and better!  The event starts with the tree lighting and fireworks (and they were SPECTACULAR this year) followed by 100+ floats marching down Coleman Boulevard with Santa himself bringing up the rear!  Hats off to the Town Of Mount Pleasant, what a fabulous community this is!

Save the date for next year’s Parade on December 13, 2015.  Click here to follow the parade on Facebook and see more pictures.


706349_133813576775177_1497024531_o[1] 1398161_244815775674956_1275043616_o[1] 10834949_396305970525935_588636650480811473_o[1] 10842037_396465977176601_2064774279193594724_o[1] 250549_396725503817315_7120067387424496409_n[1]


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