Meet Biz Foxworth of Brown Fox Coffee!

You’ve probably seen our latest distinctive coffee shop parked on Simmons St. across from the Farmer’s Market / Moultrie Middle. It’s quite attractive considering it’s a trailer! Providing quick, convenient walk-up service, Brown Fox serves a wide variety of coffee and non-coffee drinks as well as some grab and go snacks.  Among their locally-roasted, single-origin coffees, they offer a killer latte, delicious cold brews, steamed hot chocolate, Chai tea lattes and much more. Also, as it warms up, they plan to add frozen hot chocolate, Frappes and fruit smoothies to the menu. Open 7am – 4pm Mon-Fri but if you don’t see them on Saturday, they are trucking it to an event. Go by and meet Biz, and be sure to order the “Mexican Fox Mocha,” it’s delicious!



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