Old Village Real Estate Stats

Once again, the real estate market in The Old Village looks healthy with a steady increase over the past three years.  The AVERAGE PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT is up from $322 in 2013 to $452 in 2015.  The AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET are down significantly, from 314 days in 2012 to 21 days In 2015.

If you are thinking of selling your home, I urge you to work with a professional who knows your market and can help you come up with a marketing plan and price point for success.  I advocate working with someone who will tell you the TRUTH about what price your home can fetch.  Don’t end up being one of those sellers on the market for more than the 21 day average, only to have to readjust price down the road.  If I can help, contact me at Jackie@TheCassinaGroup.com.  I am happy to give you a complimentary home valuation, specific to your property.  Thanks for stopping by my blog and to see all homes for sale in the neighborhood, check out www.SearchOldVillage.com

ov stats pp sq ft

OV stats DOM


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