Sunrun Solar Panels, Affordable and Attainable

Some of us have transitioned into driving hybrid vehicles, so why not transform your house into a hybrid home.  Over the past ten years our local power provider has increased their rates by 50%, and are predicted to increase at least 3.5%-5% annually into the future. Last summer Gov. Haley signed a bill requiring South Carolina power companies to provide clean and renewable energy for their customers.

SUNRUN is the nations largest dedicated residential solar company and is now in S.C. and available in our neighborhood. Through our “BRIGHTSAVE PLAN” we have made solar power attainable and affordable for all homeowners without having to pay  the traditionally high upfront costs of buying solar panels.  We take care of everything from permitting to installation, maintenance and more!  You will be benefitting from an exceptional customer experience; all the while knowing what your power bill will be with low fixed rates.  As the homeowner, you will be adding value to your home by becoming your own power plant and helping save the environment  by creating and using clean and renewable energy.

Please call or email me today for more info,or to get your FREE custom design! Within 24-48 hours you will know the savings and benefits solar power can make for your home today.

Chad Ferris

522 Ruby Dr.



SUNRUN email:

“Creating a planet powered by the sun”




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