Reasons To Hire a Realtor

At some point in our lives, the majority of us are faced with the decision to sell our home. It is such a big and important decision. And with that, comes the thought… should I just sell it myself or hire a Realtor?

Here is the reality… Hiring a professional, full time, experienced Realtor can not only simplify the process, but can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Here are 7 reasons why hiring a Realtor is beneficial:

  1. Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Database – many buyers use the online MLS database as their number 1 source during the home-search process.
  2. Marketing Plan – While the MLS is a great starting point, many agents develop a marketing and advertising plan, including networking with other agents, to get your home sold.  A seasoned agent will tailor this to plan to your home!
  3. Attracting Buyers’ Agents – Many buyers’ agents are hesitant of showing a house without a listing agreement, even if the For Sale By Owner advertising promises a reasonable commission. There is risk involved when an agent works without the traditional contracts. Since most home buyers have an agent, listing your home FSBO excludes a large portion of your potential buyer base.
  4. Faster Results – Real estate agents know how to price homes correctly. Also, having a solid marketing plans increases the traffic to your home, which in return, increases your odds of a quick sale.
  5. Security – When selling your home FSBO, you are left with the decision to either leave strangers inside your home or showing the home yourself. Most FSBO homes are usually shown by the owner as the safer option. This is not an ideal situation for neither you nor the potential buyer as they don’t want to offend you with what they don’t like nor do they want to prejudice negotiations by telling you what they do like. Having an agent show your home for you allows for a neutral party presence.
  6. Negotiations –  Real estate agents can work with each other rather than directly with buyers and seller. They are able to distance themselves and keep emotional clients focused on the big picture, resulting in a compromise that pleases everyone.
  7. Closing – Buying and selling property is one of the largest transactions most families face and they don’t always run smoothly and without complications. It just makes sense to use a professional when dealing with complex legal documents.

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