Supporting Lucy Beckham High School

The new Lucy Beckham High School welcomed students September 8th, and we are so excited. Sports teams are practicing, clubs are getting organized, and instruments are warming up. It’s an exciting time to be a high school student in the 29464.

As parents, we want the community to support the school and get involved. At Beckham, instead of each individual group fundraising, the One Beckham Foundation was created to equitably support all the extracurricular activities, Athletics, Performing Arts, and Academics, LBHS has to offer under one umbrella and to the benefit of every child. The One Beckham Foundation is determined to remove barriers for children and parents who want to experience all that our new public school can provide, but who have traditionally faced road blocks with full participation.

We are recruiting businesses, families, and individuals to lend their support to Lucy Beckham High School and help make it one of the best high schools in the state!

For more information, visit or contact


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