The New York Butcher Shoppe!

I’m loving the New York Butcher Shoppe!  In addition to high-quality products, their team of passionate, friendly staff makes this a truly different shopping experience.  I sat down with Store Manager, Tyler Crull to learn more about what makes this place so special!  Here is what I learned! 

“Our goal is to be a pillar in this community and we have been working harder than ever as we celebrate our 21st year!  We love what we do, and I am happy to talk about what makes us different!   


Every cut of meat we sell is the highest premium quality!  Our Certified Angus Beefcomes from a network of small farms, which means the meat stands up to a dozen standards above and beyond the USDA.  This includes humane treatment of cattle, sustainability of the farm plus the quality of the meat’s marbling and tenderness.  We carry Dry-aged, Wagyu, Prime and High Choice grade beef which is hand trimmed and cut to order.   Our chicken is organic, our seafood is wild-caught, and our pork is a heritage breed called Berkshire- the juiciest chops ever!  We offer a variety of veal, duck, lamb and more.  Have a special request?  We can find it for you!  


We make things easy on you by providing fully cooked/ take-and-bake prepared foods in a variety of sizes–designed for two people up to family and party sized portions.  We offer entrees (i.e., lasagna, ravioli, meatballs), side-dishes (i.e., twice baked potatoes, tomato pie, roasted vegetables), salads (i.e. Caesar, Greek), dips (i.e., buffalo chicken, pimento cheese, pate), stews, soups, desserts and more.  Oh, did I mention NY Style Cheesecake by the slice?  Please call ahead if you have a special request or diet need; we want to cater to everyone when possible!  


We offer a wide selection of lovely wine, something for everyone!  And because we have a specialty wine license, we can offer the best price in town!  There… I said it! If you find it cheaper, I will honor the lower price!  Joining the wine club entitles you to 2 bottles of wine per month plus an additional 10% off wine in the store.  Prior to COVID, we were offering monthly dinners in our back parking lot to our Wine Club Members!  It was a blast, and we cannot wait to start them up again!  These monthly themed events included a 4-dish meal paired with wine.  Block party style and tons of fun!  With everything from smoked hog/ pig picking for Super Bowl week, to traditional filet meal for Valentine’s Day.  Hosting a community event with exceptional food and wine to celebrate being part of this special community means the world to me!  Rest assured, we will be starting back up as soon as it is appropriate to do so!”  –Tyler Visit or stop in at  1260 Ben Sawyer Blvd. 


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