Comparing Q2 Sales in The Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant

Average Sales Price from Quarter 2 for single family homes

Here is a look at Quarter 2 sales (Apr 1- June 30) for single family homes sold in The Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant.

AVERAGE SALES PRICE IS UP: The average price for homes sold in Q2 of this year was $1,437,000, which is a significant jump from an average of $837,000 in Q2 of 2019.

*NOTE: When reviewing pricing trends, it is important to keep in mind that these averages factor in a wide variety of homes, from old to new, harbor front to interior lots, condition of interior, number of bedrooms, etc. Each home is unique and if you are buying or selling, these numbers can be used as a guide, but understanding fair market value is where it becomes imperative to work with a professional Realtor who understands your market.

Ave Price Per Square Foot
Average Days on Market

Q2 AVERAGE PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT: Up to $588 from $418 in 2019. Q2 DAYS ON MARKET: Interesting to see the fast pace of this market. This year, homes were on the market for an average of 25 days vs. 93 days in 2019.

Number of Homes Sold

Q2 NUMBER OF HOMES SOLD: With an overall low inventory of homes for sale nation-wide, it is very interesting to see that more homes sold Q2 of this year- with 46 homes sold in 2021 vs. 33 in 2019.

TAKEAWAY: The key to selling in this market is correctly pricing and marketing your home. The key to buying is to be team up with a full time Realtor who can help you understand market value, win multiple offers and get it closed.

I have been selling in this neighborhood for 20 years, and I am happy to help. If you are considering selling or buying, please reach out to me at, and feel free to visit to see what is currently for sale.

**Data is from the Charleston MLS


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