The White Gallery!

The White Gallery, 709 Coleman Blvd

Searching for treasure?  The White Gallery, located at 709 Coleman Blvd, is packed with unique and eclectic finds that include artwork, jewelry, vintage antiques, and more.  When it comes to something special, they have it!  And if they don’t, they will try to find it!  Locating and repurposing treasure is what they do!  

They also provide full auction services!  White’s Auctions is a place where you can  sell your valuable items to buyers world-wide through a platform with over a million users!   And you can shop many fascinating objects up for bid from local collectors and designers as well.  

A premier auction destination for fine arts, decorative pieces, antiques, and collectibles, White’s Auction and Gallery has it all. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or seller, they can help!  For more information and to participate in their auctions, check them out on Instagram @Whitesauctions, or click there. or stop in the gallery!  And let the treasure hunt begin…. 


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