The OOPS! Co. A Unique, Locally Owned Shop!

Pictures provided by The OOPS! Co.

The OOPS! Co. offers a wide variety of great finds for everyone! Located at 696 Coleman Blvd, you will love their eclectic fashion brands and creative styles for a great price! Locally owned and established in Charleston in 1982! Be sure to give them a try!

Click here to visit their website, and here is an excerpt about what makes them so special:

 We’re local.

OOPS! has been a SC merchandise headquarters for decades. Established in Charleston in 1982, we began as a family-owned business and we’re proud to say that we’re still keeping it in the family today. We have a limited supply of merchandise, and we choose to sell it locally at our five locations across South Carolina. The items featured on our site are only a fraction of what we sell in store! 

 We mix it up.

OOPS! originally started by selling factory irregulars and overruns of brand name items at a discounted price. Over the years, our customers’ tastes have evolved – and so have we. These days, we have the perfect product mix of regular and discounted merchandise to fit every shopping need and budget. And in order to keep things fresh, we receive new shipments daily!

 We give back.

OOPS! is committed to supporting the communities where we work and live. We generously donate to non-profits and support fundraising efforts of the communities around our five locations.


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