Market Review- Lower Mt. Pleasant

The 2023 January stats for Lower Mt. Pleasant show a decrease in the amount of homes sold, but an increase in pricing over this time last year (Average sales price of $887,799 in 2022 vs. 1,076,941 in January, 2023) Homes are taking a bit longer to go under contract, with an average of 21 days on the market vs. 16 days in 2022. But really… 21 days? That doesn’t sound too bad!

Local experts agree that the market will continue to normalize in 2023, however, January stats for Lower Mt. Pleasant emphasize that the market is still strong with low inventory, which allows pricing to continue to rise.

The Real Estate market is local, down to your neighborhood, down to your street. I specialize in this market and I’m happy to provide expert knowledge based on data and years of experience. Please contact me at if I can help!


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