The Cassina Group Offers Unparalleded Internet Marketing And More!

I am excited to be with The Cassina  Group, LLC. which offers an unparalleled Internet marketing approach, which not only captures thousands of potential buyers, but gives maximum exposure to sellers (your home will be featured on numerous blogs, advertised in all major search engines, such as Google, Bing,, plus Facebook, Twitter and more).

And did I mention that our website is just super user-friendly?  Check out!

I will continue with business as usual!  You can count on me to remain as your OV Neighborhood Connection!  I will still be sending  the Village Connection, (now available on-line at OV related emails, and now you can  become a fan of  “The  Old Village” on Facebook!

So by combining my more traditional, “old school”  marketing approach with this young, fresh, ever-changing, tech savvy group, I am confident I have found the perfect match to propel my business and provide the best service to my clients!  Please contact me with any questions, and keep me in mind when you or someone you know is looking for a full-time, professional Realtor.  I have been selling in the Charleston Real Estate Market since 2000, and I specialize in the Old Village and Old Mt. Pleasant.  If I can help, let me know!


Thanks for reading!

So here’s my story… While attending Radford University in VA, I decided to come to Charleston for Spring Break… Needless to say it was a seriously GOOD TIME, because I would go on to walk across that stage, grab my diploma, get in my car and head to Charleston.  I never looked back, see ya later Northern Virginia, I am movin on… AND THAT WAS OVER 22 YEARS AGO!  Charleston kind of sucks you in that way, agreed?  So now I am happy to report I have found my place in life…. I am a full time mom, wife, and Realtor!  An Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant resident since the early 90’s, and just pretty much HAPPY TO BE HERE!  So take a moment to relax and enjoy my blog, learn and share about what makes life in the Low Country so special!  It is with true passion I share my journey with you!  Thanks for stopping by!!!