Test your local knowledge– just for fun!  Check out these trivia questions about the OV and its surroundings!  A perfect activity for your next supper club!  If you have questions you would like to add, please email me at Jackie@TheCassinaGroup.com.

1.  What is preserved in polyurethane underneath the soda-fountain counter at the Pitt Street Pharmacy?

A.  Their 1st $1 bill

B.  Historical carvings from the Civil War

C.  1st prescription ever compounded

D.  Chewing gum


2.  With a “Rock & Roll Vintage theme” what fast-food restaurant was located in the current Dunkin Donuts Bldg?

A.  Burger King

B.  Dairy Queen

C.  McDonalds

D.  Sonic


3.  The Park at the Old Pitt Street Bridge is officially named after Otis T. Pickett, who was a Mt. Pleasant:

A.  Mayor

B.  Doctor

C.  Dock Master

D.  MPA Principal


4.  What is located at the Confederate Memorial Cemetery on Carr St?

A.  Statue commemorating the War of 1812

B.  Copper scrolls honoring 3 unknown soldiers

C.  Statue of Francis Marion

D.  Plaque praising Phil Donohue


5.  Before it was GDC, a company that occupied part of this building had a sign reading:                                                                              

A.  Open until 2am

B.  No Vacancy

C.  Fresh Bread Daily

D.  Manager’s Special


6.  True or False: Coleman Blvd was known as the Kings Highway and was traveled on by George Washington.


7.  In 2002, the Grace Memorial Bridge was:

A.  Painted

B.  Available For Purchase

C.  Torn down

D.  Declared impassible by DOT


8.  In addition to hats, Major’s Hats (on Whilden St.) also sells:

A.  Suits

B.  Candy

C.  Sweetgrass Baskets

D.  Local Pickles


9.  The Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse, with its iconic triangular-shaped tower, was originally painted what colors and later changed to black and white?

A.  Red and white

B.  Black and blue

C.  Orange and white

D.  Black and tan


10.  True or False: In the 90’s you could purchase “Hugo, The Board Game”.


11.  What movie was NOT filmed at Boone Hall Plantation?

A.  North & South

B.  Gone with the Wind

C.  Queen

D.  The Notebook


12.  The Pitt St Pharmacy “Grilled Cheese Eating Contest” record holder is Dave Hester, who ate ___ sandwiches in one hour, beating the previous record of 8:

A.  10

B.  18

C.  27

D.  37


13.  Which celebrity finished the 1994 Cooper River Bridge Run in under 1 hour?

A.  Oprah Winfrey

B.  John Voight

C.  Bill Murray

D.  Courtney Cox


14.  Once located on the corner of Simmons & Coleman, Randy’s Hobby Shop featured what main attractions?

A.  Replica of a WWII bomber

B.  Life-size models of R2D2 & C3PO

C.  An elaborate train set

D.  A life-size hovercraft


15.  Nature’s Garden (corner of Ben Sawyer & Rifle Range) sells 5-foot cement Big Foot statues for about:

A.  $50

B.  $250

C.  $450

D.  $650


16.  True or False: There is a “paper road” (which exists on the tax records) that divides the cemetery on McCants/Center and it’s called “Halleluiah Lane”.


17.  Paying tribute to the local shrimping and fishing industry, the “Blessing of the Fleet Ceremony” has been held at:

A.  Patriot’s Point

B.  Alhambra Hall

C.  Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park

D.  All of the above


18.  Following Hurricane Hugo in 1989, what talk show host filmed an episode interviewing locals about this devastating storm?

A.  Larry King

B.  Oprah Winfrey

C.  Geraldo Rivera

D.  Phil Donohue


19.  What Department Store was once located at Sea Island Shopping Center?

A.  Belk

B.  Gwynn’s of Mt. Pleasant

C.  Dillards

D.  JC Penny


20.  In the early 1900’s, IOP’s main attraction was:

A.  Victorian hotel called the Atlantic House

B.  A Ferris Wheel

C.  A Wooden Roller Coaster

D.  A 5000 square foot Roller Rink


21.  Before Becoming Page’s Okra Grill, and before it was Alex’s Restaurant, what was it?

A.  Blue Hawaii

B.  Katie Shooters

C.  Common Ground

D.  Fonduely Yours


22.  The GM Darby Building, on Pitt Street, has been used for all of the following except:

A.  Courthouse

B.  Newspaper Office

C.  A Seminary

D.  Police Station


Trivia Answers:

1)  D-Chewing gum

2) C-McDonalds

3) B-Doctor

4) A-Statue of War of 1812

5) D-Manager’s Special

6) True

7) A-Available for purchase

8) A-Suits

9) C-Orange and white

10) True

11) Gone With The Wind

12) C-27

13) A-Oprah

14) C-Train set

15) B-$250

16) True

17)  D-All of the above

18) B- Oprah

19)  A- Belk

20)  B-Ferris Wheel

21) A- Blue Hawaii

22)  D- Police Station