Trivia- Pierates Cruze

The answer is D, the gardens were surrounded by a substantial seawall and included a belled wall.

In 1929, the Osgood family of Massachusetts bought the large waterfront lot and built a large seawall, behind which they created seven pleasure gardens collectively called Pierates Cruze. They then opened the garden to the public in the 1940s where it remained a popular destination through the ‘s. Although the gardens closed in 1959 and the land sold into small lots, there are still surviving garden features, such as the Belled Wall, which was reconstructed after Hurricane Hugo in 1989. 

Q1 Market Snapshot for Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant- 2023/2018/2013

The AVERAGE HOME SALE PRICE (for single family homes in the Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood) increased significantly over the past 10 years:

  •  2013: $720,000 
  •  2018: $1,160,000 
  •  2023: $2,200,000

Which obviously increases the AVERAGE PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT:

  •  2013: $286 
  •  2018: $370 
  •  2023: $760

TOTAL AMOUNT OF HOMES SOLD during these time frames:  

  •  2013: 39
  •  2018: 36 
  •  2023: 26

Real Estate is local, down to your neighborhood, down to your street.  If you are considering buying or selling, please reach out to me. I specialize in this market and I’m happy to help. 

*Information is provided by the Charleston Trident MLS based on single family homes sold in The Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood for Quarter 1.  Data was pulled on 4/25/23. 

Blackstone Fit! Online Fitness Coaching by Dawn Blackstone

Dawn Blackstone has been my personal trainer for years because frankly, she’s THE BEST! She’s super knowledgeable with over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry and is a certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Sports Nutrition Specialist and Behavior Modification Specialist.

Now Dawn’s services are brought to you online, where she can help you establish your core workout routine, health/ nutrition tips, and so much more, all while keeping you held accountable!

So what is Blackstone Fit?

​To be Blackstone Fit is a lifestyle that includes daily movement of your body, eating REAL food, weight training, sleeping well, feeling better, and enjoying your life!  

​Dawn  Blackstone founded Blackstone Fit in 2007 as an option to exercising outside of a gym.  We are all motivated in different ways.  At Blackstone Fit we take the guesswork out of getting fit and show you how to live a balanced lifestyle, so you can stay fit!

Blackstone Fit has evolved to include online coaching with a signature 12 week program to Get Blackstone Fit and monthly memberships to keep you Blackstone Fit.  The Get Blackstone Fit program teaches you how to exercise effectively and how to eat in a way that fuels your body.  When you follow the program you will replace body fat with lean muscle!  We will show you how to get Blackstone Fit with your own body weight and a few simple pieces of equipment, at home, in a gym, outside, or while traveling! 

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Common Myths


SELLING ON YOUR OWN: History tells us an experienced agent can price your home correctly and then get the home closed. And although having more than one buyer is nice, it is not always the best position for a seller for many reasons. An experienced agent can guide you on what, if any, renovations will be a good return on your investment in this market. And lastly, experience matters when it comes to producing the results you desire. Please listen, if you are considering selling, a professional Realtor with experience is key to success. Please reach out if I can help!