Old Village Holiday Street Fest- Saturday, Dec 3rd from 2-8pm

This outdoor holiday market takes place in front on the Pitt Street Pharmacy (111 Pitt St) and supports local small makers including 40+ artisans and purveyors showcasing a variety of unique gifts including baked goods, jewelry, women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, cookware, stationary, art, and more.

The event is hosted by Basic Projects and Out of Hand and promises a day filled with holiday shopping, live entertainment, food, libations, revelry, family fun, and more.

Please note: Vendors will be open between 2-6pm. Parking is limited, so please rideshare when possible. Click here for more information on this fun event!


Property Values On The Rise In The Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant


With demand for housing still exceeding the supply of homes for sale, prices take a sharp increase in Q1 of 2022. Here is a review of homes sold in Quarter 1 from 2019- 2022, This data reflects homes sold in The Old Village and Old Mt. Pleasant.

The AVERAGE PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT increased from $447/ square foot in Q1 2021 to $655/ square foot in Q1 2022.

The AVERAGE SALES PRICE jumped from $1 million in Q1 in 2021 to $1.57 million in Q2 of 2022. **Note: 101 New Street closed for $7.8 million on 2/23/22 and was removed from this data as an outlier.

The AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET dropped from 137 days in Q1 of 2020 to 23 days in Q1 of 2022.


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Jackie’s Recent Neighborhood Sales!

Hello neighbors! I have been specializing my business in the Old Village for the past 20 years. Today’s real estate climate is extremely competitive, which is why you need a knowledgeable REALTOR working for you. I have years of experience navigating the delicate nuances of buying or selling a home, and I would love to work with you. Please give me a call at Jackie@TheCassinaGroup.com. You can also stay connected with the Old Village by following The Old Village on Facebook!

Comparing Q2 Sales in The Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant

Average Sales Price from Quarter 2 for single family homes

Here is a look at Quarter 2 sales (Apr 1- June 30) for single family homes sold in The Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant.

AVERAGE SALES PRICE IS UP: The average price for homes sold in Q2 of this year was $1,437,000, which is a significant jump from an average of $837,000 in Q2 of 2019.

*NOTE: When reviewing pricing trends, it is important to keep in mind that these averages factor in a wide variety of homes, from old to new, harbor front to interior lots, condition of interior, number of bedrooms, etc. Each home is unique and if you are buying or selling, these numbers can be used as a guide, but understanding fair market value is where it becomes imperative to work with a professional Realtor who understands your market.

Ave Price Per Square Foot
Average Days on Market

Q2 AVERAGE PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT: Up to $588 from $418 in 2019. Q2 DAYS ON MARKET: Interesting to see the fast pace of this market. This year, homes were on the market for an average of 25 days vs. 93 days in 2019.

Number of Homes Sold

Q2 NUMBER OF HOMES SOLD: With an overall low inventory of homes for sale nation-wide, it is very interesting to see that more homes sold Q2 of this year- with 46 homes sold in 2021 vs. 33 in 2019.

TAKEAWAY: The key to selling in this market is correctly pricing and marketing your home. The key to buying is to be team up with a full time Realtor who can help you understand market value, win multiple offers and get it closed.

I have been selling in this neighborhood for 20 years, and I am happy to help. If you are considering selling or buying, please reach out to me at Jackie@TheCassinaGroup.com, and feel free to visit www.SearchOldVillage.com to see what is currently for sale.

**Data is from the Charleston MLS

Buyer needs, can you help?

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Tracking OV/ Old Mt. P Home Prices Over 20 Years

With an appreciation rate of almost 5% per year, our neighborhood is tracking ahead of the national standard.  According to Black Knights latest report, they have cited a national appreciation rate of 3.8% per year. This is great news for the OV/ Old Mt. P! 

The average home sale price was $477,000 in 2000 compared to $1,180,000 in 2020. 

I have been specializing my business in this neighborhood for years, so if I can help you better understand today’s market, feel free to contact me at Jackie@TheCassinaGroup.com  

*Statistics provided by the Charleston Multiple Listing Service and reflect single family homes sold in The Old Village and Old Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood as of Feb 18, 2021.

Old Village/ Old Mt. P Market Update

The real estate market looks pretty solid in Mt. Pleasant as a whole, so I thought I would drill down on our neighborhood and take a look at how Quarter 1 of 2020 is faring compared to the past few years.  Here are some interesting stats, according to the Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS and reflect single family homes in the Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood.

sng fam homes sold

No real surprise that sales were down in Quarter 1, but homes in the Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood are still selling!  In Quarter 1 of 2020, 24 homes closed, compared to 41 sales in Q1 of 2019 (wow), 37 sales in 2018, 32 sales in 2017, and 30 sales in 2016.  So, although the 2020 number is off compared to last year, it is with in the zone of previous years…. and that’s not too bad considering most buyers are shopping primarily online through virtual tours.

ave pr per sq ft

Sales prices are holding steady and this is some really good news.  For homes sold in the Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood in Q1 of 2020, the average price per square foot was $385, compared to $395 in 2019, $365 in 2018, $371 in 2017 and $329 in 2016.

days on mkt

What about the length of time it takes to sell?  Q1 of 2020 stats do indicate that, although homes are selling for a solid price per square foot, it is taking a bit longer than usual.  Homes in Q1 of 2020 averaged 133 days on the market, compared to 88 days in 2019, 58 days in 2018, 93 days in 2017, and 76 days in 2016.

In summary, things are selling, prices are holding steady, but it may take a bit more time to find your buyer making it more important than ever to chose a full time, professional Realtor who has the experience to help you achieve your goal!  f you are thinking of buying or selling, I specialize in this area, and I have been selling here for over 17 years.  If I can help, please let me know.

Stats are provided by the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors, and reflect the time frame of Jan 1- Apr 30, for single family homes in the Old Village/ Old Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood.





Thank you to my clients! Here Are Some Of My Recent Neighborhood Sales!

121 freeman

121 Freeman Street

728 Gate Post

728 Gate Post

686 Adluh

686 Adluh Street

739 hill

739 Hill Street

1424 poca

1424 Pocahontas

I specialize my business in this market, if I can help you with real estate in The Old Village/ Old Mount Pleasant, please let me know!  And to receive a list of homes for sale or sold, visit www.SearchOldVillage.com




Renovations That Pay!

reno that pays

I am frequently asked about renovations that are a good return when considering selling your home.  This guide is a great resource, and in addition, other improvements would be repainting interior walls, deep clean the home prior to professional photos, re-fresh landscaping with new pine straw and add some flowers for a pop of color!

Plans Announced for the Former Old Village Post House

Basic Kitchen team reveals plans for former Old Village Post House in Mount Pleasant

Charleston area residents have grown inured to the openings of high-end hotels with signature restaurants, but Kate and Ben Towill are inverting the model by opening “a restaurant with rooms” on the site of the former Old Village Post House.

The Towills, best known locally for developing Basic Kitchen in downtown Charleston, plan to open The Post House Restaurant + Inn at 101 Pitt St. in the first half of 2020. In addition to seven rooms, the property will feature a dining room with an outdoor courtyard, private event space and street-front bar.

Ben Towill says the decision to relocate the bar from the back of the restaurant has unsettled some former Old Village Post House customers who were fond of the dimly-lit hideaway. But he’s assured them that his overarching aim is to move the historic building’s best features out of the shadows, and to better integrate the restaurant with its surrounding neighborhood.

“We’re trying to open it all up,” Towill says.

To that end, the Towills have already swapped out plain plate glass for greenhouse-style windows, and knocked out the ceiling which loomed over the one-time Captain’s Room. Currently, the building looks like a walled-in construction site.

“What started as just a refurbishing turned into a full renovation,” Towill admits.

When the project’s finished, Towill says, the restaurant and hotel components should flow together seamlessly. He compares the intended setup to old English pubs offering beds upstairs and hearty meals below. For example, he envisions hotel guests checking in at the main host stand and taking their breakfasts in the barroom, as opposed to the secluded second-floor nook where guests started their days during the Old Village Post House era.

Menus haven’t yet been worked out, but Towill imagines the restaurant will serve a fair amount of fresh seafood in a nod to nearby Shem Creek, as well as burgers and salads.

“Because of where we are, we’re super sensitive to price point,” he says.

Towill isn’t complaining. “We heard this was coming on the market, and it’s very rare that something like this comes up,” he says. Still, “I don’t know if I would have jumped on it if it had been downtown.”

Built in the 1880s, Old Village Post House in 1984 was redesigned as a restaurant and inn. Hall Management Group, which took over its ownership with the 2015 purchase of Maverick Southern Kitchens, sold it to local investors in February 2019.

Hanna Raskin