Old Village Trivia: Otis Pickett

The answer is B: Doctor

Dr. Pickett’s office was located next to the Pitt Street Pharmacy, and he was my first Doc when I moved to the area in the 80’s. He was such a sweet man, and I loved that he would still make House Calls!

Here is more info on him from Mt. Pleasant Magazine:

” Dr. Otis Pickett and his wife, Ruth, had been childhood sweethearts since 1936 when they got married in 1944. The doctor walked from his home on Sullivan’s Island, over the Pitt Street Bridge, to his office located next door to the Pitt Street Pharmacy. Ruth worked alongside her husband at the doctor’s office for 40 years. In the book “Mount Pleasant: The Friendly Town,” Mary-Julia C. Royall wrote: “Here Dr. Otis Pickett Jr. treated old and young, black and white, rich and poor.” With historical significance that spans more than 200 years, hopefully its role as a public park will ensure that this spot can be enjoyed for generations to come.