Meet Susan Marett of Purely Positive Dog Training!

The Kelly’s recently welcomed a new addition to the family… an adorable, quirky and skittish rescue dog named Summer.  With no information about sweet Summer’s past, it was quickly obvious that we needed some help.  So we enlisted Dog Trainer, Susan Marett and after a 5 week in-home training session, Summer has become more confident, secure, and obedient.  She is happy and our family is complete!  We could not have gotten to this point with out Susan’s insightful training tips, so I wanted to get the word out to folks who are looking for a great dog trainer!  Susan is awesome!

Susan Marett Head Shot

Meet and get to know Susan Marett of Purely Positive Dog Training!  A note from Susan:

I definitely had family dogs as a kid, but while in college earned degrees in English and Film – not exactly the typical dog trainer’s path – but I could write a terrific paper on James Joyce, or Italian film in the 1960’s, when I graduated. After a very brief flirtation to attain a masters’ degree in fine arts, I did a serious pivot and landed in culinary school. I finished up a program in Portland, Oregon and made my way back to South Carolina.

While running my own business selling desserts wholesale to local restaurants, I took my very first obedience class with a sweetheart of a Dalmatian puppy named Puck (named after Wolfgang Puck of course!). And I was hooked, line and sinker.  I found an awesome trainer to apprentice with and really got down to the business of my heart – working with dogs.

Now, onto Purely Postitive!

For more than 18 years, Purely Positive Dog Training has helped Charleston area dog owners and their families solve their dog’s behavioral problems, achieve their training goals, and get their puppies off to a great start in a gentle and effective manner. From puppies to senior-aged dogs, Purely Positive offers a complete roster of obedience, advanced training and specialty classes, as well as, one-on-one private lessons in Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, West Ashley, Summerville, James Island and Johns Island.

Whatever need you have, from housebreaking a puppy to help with an aggressive dog, their approach is to partner with you in creating a happy, healthy and positive relationship with your canine companion. They welcome every breed, age, size, skill level and behavioral issue.

Highly recommended by local veterinarians and thousands of Lowcountry dog owners, Purely Positive trainers are committed to ongoing education and have enjoyed a long-standing record of success.

For more information check out Purely Positive’s website Purely Positive or contact Susan at 843.532.8154.





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