Fabulous Youth Fitness Program Comes To Our Community

You probably already know Coach K and  Kelly Kowalchick, who have been coaching/  teaching our kids for years!  Now they are bringing us the Youth Speed & Agility Team, which is the perfect opportunity for kids (grades 3-8) to improve their athletic Performance, Respect, Integrity, Desire and Excellence (PRIDE)!


Taking place at Moultrie Middle School, the Team meets all summer long on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9-11.  The Team also meets during the school year (times TBD).

All children are encouraged to attend and there is NO CHARGE for the program!  The Kowalchicks tailor the program to meet the needs of each individual child and take PRIDE in these major areas of athletic training: *Physical Training *Teaching of Proper Technique *Conditioning *Nutrition *Mental Preparation *Character building *Goal setting *Overcoming adversity. Here is note from the Kowalchicks, and if you have interest in learning more, please email Kelly_kowalchick@charleston.k12.sc.us.

“Our young athletes are in their skill-building prime. Their minds and bodies are hungry for new information. Now is the time to ingrain these motor patterns so they can transfer them into their athletic performance. We know that movement competence equals confidence.

Our parents want their child to be healthy and enjoy their sport while preventing injuries and addressing skill areas. Their hope is that this will increase self-esteem and therefore enhance classroom performance as well as social skills.

We focus on each child’s specific needs by pre-assessing their speed, strength and agility. Our goal is to have the results of this program speak for themselves, as the students have a great time with their schoolmates learning how to appreciate the value of hard work!

Together we have over 60 years of coaching and teaching experience.  Our athletes attribute a great deal of their success to our training program and our attention to detail in preparing them for competition.  We would love to help your young athlete as well!”

Personally, I highly recommend the program! My 7thgrader loves it and has learned so much about health and fitness by participating! He has not only become more flexible, faster and more focused, I noticed the other day that he actually turned down a donut!  Enough said!


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